September 17

Town Council/Local Planning Agency Workshop
9:00 AM – September 17, 2009


1.      Historic Preservation (15 minutes)
The Historic Advisory Committee representatives from the Estero Island Historic Society are to be invited for this portion of the agenda.  [Topics] ["vistas" concept]

2.      Beach Furniture (15 minutes)
An item that was referred to the LPA via blue sheet.  While issue is probably resolved prior to this meeting, its purpose on the agenda is to discuss how to communicate direction from Council to LPA.

3.      Rights-of-Way (15 minutes)
Subject is intertwined with stormwater management.  LPA current focus is residential driveway connection to streets.

4.      Review of current LPA activities for Council Direction (15 minutes)
Discussion surrounds alcohol and alcohol-related topics for possible LDC changes, including:
a) Beverage serving times dependent upon location (indoor/outdoor).
b) Open container modifications (inactive pending Council input)
c) Noise abatement – Note LPA is currently inactive on this subject based on understanding that Town Council has an ad hoc committee working the topic.
d) Sexually Oriented Businesses (inactive pending Council input)
e) Lighting (inactive)
f) Buffering/Vegetation (inactive)
[October 2008 Memo to LPA] [November 2008 Consultant's Report to LPA] [Comment by LPA member Ryffel on Open container]

5.      Action List/Agenda Management (30 minutes) – Discussion of ways to link joint Council/LPA items for improved prioritization and scheduling towards completion.  
[LPA Action Item List from 8/25/09]




Town Hall – Council Chambers

2523 Estero Boulevard

Fort Myers Beach, Florida

September 17, 2009


AGENDA                         [all time frames are informational and approximate]

__________________________________________________                            ____________                

1:00 PM

I.                   Call to Order                                                                   

II.                Pledge of Allegiance

III.             Invocation

IV.              Minutes                                                                                                     10 minutes

A.     Minutes of July 14, 2009 Meeting

B.     Minutes of August 25, 2009 Meeting 

V.                 Administrative Agenda

A.  Resolution 2009-19 ROW agreement                                                   30 minutes
[Attachment] [Summary Memo]

B.  Resolution 2009-20 LPA PnP Manual Amendment                              15 minutes

[Attachment] [Summary Memo]

VI.              Adjourn as LPA and reconvene as Historic Preservation Board

VII.           HPB Member Items or Reports                                                              5 minutes

VIII.        Adjourn as Historic Preservation Board and reconvene as LPA

IX.              LPA Member Items and Reports                                                           15 minutes

X.                 LPA Attorney Items                                                                                 5 minutes

XI.              Community Development Director Items                                             5 minutes

XII.           LPA Action Item List Review                                                                  10 minutes

XIII.        Public Comment


Adjourn no later than 4:00 P.M.


Next Meeting: September 29, 2009, 10:30 AM