March 10, 2009



Town Hall – Council Chambers

2523 Estero Boulevard

Fort Myers Beach, Florida

March 10, 2009


AGENDA                                    [all time frames are informational and approximate]

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10:30 AM

I.                   Call to Order                                                                  

II.                Pledge of Allegiance

III.             Invocation


IV.             Town Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Items                              5 minutes


V.                Adjourn as LPA, reconvene as HPB


VI.             Public Hearings

A.    Resolution for HDD2008-0007  “Seven Seas” Historic Designation            60 minutes

          - "Seven Seas" Historic Preservation Final Staff Report and Application    

Break for Lunch 12:00 PM


B.     COA2009-0001  “The Cottage” Special Certificate of Appropriateness                                                                                  60 minutes


VII.          Adjourn as HPB, reconvene as LPA


VIII.       Public Hearing

A.    Ordinance 09-01 regarding vacation of Town interests in property (continued from 2/24/09)                                                                                              30 minutes


IX.             Administrative Agenda

A.  Interim report on private use of rights-of-way (Shamp/Van Duzer)  30 minutes


X.                LPA Member Items and Reports                                                          15 minutes

XI.             LPA Attorney Items                                                                              5 minutes

XII.          Community Development Director Items                                             5 minutes

XIII.       LPA Action Item List Review                                                                10 minutes

XIV.       Public Comment


Adjourn no later than 4:00 P.M.


Next Meeting:            March 24, 2009, 10:30 AM