Beach Recovery

The Town is bringing sand to the Beach!  

Our goals are to restore and maintain critically eroding shorelines using high quality sand to construct an “engineered beach design.” This will provide storm damage reduction benefits to properties, enhance recreational space, and improve critical habitat for threatened and endangered shorebirds, tortoises, and sea turtles.

Emergency Berm Plans
Estero Island Nourishment Plans
Dune Management Plan & Exhibit

The beach recovery plan over the next year is to place approximately 1.1 million cubic yards of sand on Fort Myers Beach. First, the Town plans to construct an emergency berm in the easement area to provide protection from storm surge in accordance with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) & Florida Division of Environmental Protection (FDEP) guidelines. The goal is to provide a berm along the length of the beach to maximize protection and minimize future scour on upland properties from storms. The emergency berm project will begin as soon as FEMA funding is confirmed and a contractor bid is approved to begin construction. The berm project will likely involve trucks hauling mined, beach compatible sand, and will take approximately 90 to 120 days to complete. The Town has also requested funding from FDEP for emergency work.

In addition, the Estero Island Nourishment Project is scheduled to begin construction during the third to fourth quarter of this year. This project is a continuation of the Town’s long term goal to maintain our critically eroding shoreline. Sand will be pumped from offshore onto the beach via pipes.  The design beach will take approximately six months to construct.  State and Federal permitting requires monitoring and tilling for several years after the sand is placed. In addition, the Town has obtained authorization for maintenance grading in the project area to maintain a positive grade for better drainage to reduce pooling on the beach for the life of the State permit, which is 15 years. 

Attention Beachfront Property Owners

Please support the implementation of the Town’s Nourishment Projects by executing the Temporary Beach Management and Access Easement for your property.  The person or entity who holds title to the property must sign the easement in the presence of a Notary Public and two subscribing witnesses who do not have an interest in the property. If two individuals hold title to the property, then both must sign the easement, with each of the signatures similarly witnessed. 

If the property owner on the recorded deed is:

  • Singular or Plural Owner(s) (e.g., “as husband and wife”)
    • Who Signs? The singular or plural owner(s) 
    • As shown on the recorded deed
  • Corporation or LLC 
    • A duly authorized corporate representative
    • As shown in a Corporate Resolution
  • Partnership 
    • The designated managing partner 
    • As shown in Partnership Documents 
  • Trust 
    • The Trustee 
    • As shown in the Trust Document
  • Condo Association (see Corporation or LLC above) 
    • The Condo Association Chair or President on behalf of the Association for the Common Element 
    • The Town does NOT need easements from Individual Condo Owners